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The following are abbreviations for drug routes EXCEPT:

You receive an order for Nitroglycerin to be given sublingually. It would be given:

When administering medications, it is OK to leave a resident's medication at the bedside if the resident is present

You are legally responsible for any medication or treatment you administer

Medications should be given within one hour before or one hour after the prescribed or scheduled time of administration

Residents have a right to refuse medications

Information or documentation on the MAR for PRN (as needed) medications that are administered includes:

You have to document on MAR when a medication is:

When should medications be signed off on the MAR?

A medication that is ordered sublingually may be chewed or swallowed

A medication cannot cause a resident to be confused

When a resident has difficulty swallowing, the resident is at risk for:

Checking the medication label against the MAR three times should always:

You remove a resident's medication from the packages or containers and the resident refuses to take his/hers 12pm medications, you should:

Checking the medication label against the MAR three times should always:





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